8 New Features & Advancements in PHP 7

//8 New Features & Advancements in PHP 7

PHP 7 was released on 3rd Dec 2015. Many new features are introduced in PHP 7 whose usage is simple and easy. This release is considered to be the most important change for PHP after the release of PHP 5 in 2004. PHP 7 uses new Zend Engine 3.0 to improve performance by twice and 50% better memory consumption.

  1. PHP 7 comes with Improved Performance

    PHP 7 proves itself more than twice as fast as PHP5.6 while executing Magento Codes.Its Equivalent Faster as HHVM(It is a Language Developed by Facebook codenamed “HACK”)

  1. Scalar Type Declaration

    PHP 7 introduces a new feature i.e. scalar type declaration. It has two options-

  • coercive- It is a default mode and need not to be specified.
  • strict- This mode has to explicitly hinted.


  1. PHP 7 Supports Return Type Declaration

    PHP 7 introduces a new feature i.e. scalar type declaration. It specifies the type of value that a function should return.

  • int
  • float
  • bool
  • string
  • array
  • interfaces
  • callable


  1. Reduced Memory Consumption

             Table 1.Summary of Memory Usage Comparison

             Figure 1. Memory Usage Comparison (Lower is Better )


  1. Null Coalescing Operator-

    Null coalescing operator (??) is introduced to replace the ternary operation with isset function. This operator returns its first operand if it exists and is not NULL; else it will return the second operand.


  1. Anonymous Class-

    These classes can now be defined using the new class.  Anonymous classes are classes without the name. Anonymous class can be used in place of a full class definition. The syntax is same as we used in PHP5, only the name is missing.  Anonymous class can speed up coding and execution time. Anonymous classes are useful when the class does not need to be documented.


  1. Removed Extensions and APIs-

Following are the extensions that have been removed from PHP 7-

  • ereg
  • mssql
  • mysql
  • sybase_ct

Following are the Extensions that have been removed from PHP 7-

  • aolserver
  • apache
  • apache_hooks
  • apache2filter
  • caudium
  • continuity
  • isapi
  • milter
  • nsapi
  • phttpd
  • pi3web
  • roxen
  • thttpd
  • tux
  • webjames


  1. New Spaceship Operator-

    The notation of this operator looks like: <==>. This operator returns 0 if both operands are equal, returns 1 if left operand is greater and returns -1 if right operand is greater. It is also known as three-way comparison operator.


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