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April 2018

8 New Features & Advancements in PHP 7


PHP 7 was released on 3rd Dec 2015. Many new features are introduced in PHP 7 whose usage is simple and easy. This release is considered to be the most important change for PHP after the release of PHP 5 in 2004. PHP 7 uses new Zend Engine 3.0 to improve performance by twice and 50% better memory consumption. PHP 7 comes with Improved Performance PHP 7 proves itself more than twice as fast as PHP5.6 while executing Magento Codes.Its Equivalent Faster as HHVM(It is a Language Developed by Facebook codenamed "HACK") Scalar Type Declaration PHP 7 introduces a new feature [...]

8 New Features & Advancements in PHP 72018-04-27T09:27:31+00:00

Why PHP is Best to Begin your Career in Web Development?


PHP is a server scripting language used to make interactive and dynamic web pages. PHP is an acronym for  “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. PHP scripts are executed on the server. It was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page. The PHP code is usually processed by PHP interpreter implemented as a Common Gateway Interface(CGI) executable. Benefits of Choosing PHP Over Other Programming Languages? 1)Easy to learn PHP is easy to learn and understandable language for developers. PHP syntax is similar to C. For developers who are just starting out, the PHP is the first scripting [...]

Why PHP is Best to Begin your Career in Web Development?2018-04-27T10:35:23+00:00

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